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Due to a change in the way the valves are manufactured this product is being discontinued. We have a very limited supply of the old valves and this product will be discontinued once they are gone. 

Rockets can be launched using either an air compressor or a bike pump. The launchers come with both a ¼ “ industrial air compressor fitting and a valve stem connection. They include 1 launch button which uses 1 9v battery.

The optimal air pressure for launching is 35 psi with either a bike pump or air compressor.

Launchers are quick and easy to assemble and are designed to store in a small space so that they are portable

Note: When connecting more than one launcher to the same air compressor we recommend that all the launchers being used are the same type and have the same pressure requirements. If you need to use launchers with different pressure requirements you will set the pressure coming out of the air compressor to 60 - 70 psi and use an inline regulator after the air actuated launcher(s) to bring the pressure down to 30 - 35 psi for the wired launcher(s)

  • Use only on flat level ground and not on any raised surface
  • Use only with Adult supervision 

Wired Launcher

  • This launcher is designed to work at pressures up to 40 psi
  • Can easily be used with either a bicycle pump or and air compressor
  • Requires 1 - 9v battery
  • Includes a ¼” industrial air compressor fitting
  • Includes a standard valve stem attachment for use with a bicycle pump
  • We recommend using 30-35 psi for this launcher

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